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Ramco Human Capital Management (HCM)

Ramco HCM on Cloud is a global HR & talent management solution that covers your organization’s human capital management needs from hire to retire. With the convergence of technology and social trends, consumer experience has begun to drive enterprise user experience. The rapid adoption and proliferation of new age mobile devices has made it essential for applications to become intuitive, engaging and contextual.Ramco HCM has been designed to keep pace with these changing trends. As one of the leading providers of Enterprise Applications on Cloud, we believe that enterprise apps should be as dynamic and usable as consumer apps. It is this philosophy that has led to the birth of our product strategy, which revolves around the concept of ‘MUSIC’ (Mobility, User Interface,Social,In Memory,Context Aware).

Large multinationals with presence in multiple countries often face the challenge of reducing their payroll processing costs. Since payroll is governed by the country’s statutory and industry regulations, it is important to ensure compliance and avoid fallouts arising from inaccurate computation.Ramco HCM offers a unified payroll processing system that enables companies to run their entire payroll on a single platform.